Wilson & Assoc Chartered Accountants

We help save tax, build wealth and grow businesses.

Who we are

Wilson & Assoc Chartered Accountants is a chartered accounting firm providing personal and business tax and advisory services.

We provide specialist services for start-ups and health care.

Our services include tax, business planning, performance management, business development and R&D Grants. We bring 25 years of experience managing complexity at large corporates to servicing your business. With us, you can access the finance capabilities of large corporates without large firms’ fees.

We are based in Lidcombe and North Strathfield and service clients across greater Sydney.

We are registered ASIC agent. We provide corporate secretarial services and set up all tax structures, including Trust and SMSF.

We help save tax, build wealth, and grow amazing businesses.

Our mission

We are passionate about bringing big company financial capabilities to startups and small businesses without the big costs.

Our mission is to help you create the financial future you want for your business, yourself and your family.

Our business is to help you build wealth, increase cash and profits, and grow amazing business.

Our values

Our business is built on trust. Our reputation is built on mastery and integrity. Our focus is to create and maximise values for our clients.

Our values is in the essence of everything we do. They guide all our conducts and behaviours.  Our values are:

  • Value for clients
  • Ethics
  • Integrity
  • Transparency
  • Evidence
  • Growth
  • Collaboration
  • Emphathy
  • Respect
  • Diversity

We invite you to view our Code of Conducts to see what the values mean to us.


Our focus

Value for client is our total focus.  Value for client drives everything we do, whether in terms of providing business insights, achieving business outcomes, and enhancing your decision effectiveness.

Our role

We see ourselves first as clients’ value creation partner, and as decision facilitator providing decision choices and the alternative outcomes applying our professional skills, financial expertise and business management experience.

Our view

Perspective makes all the difference. In all that we do, we start with the end result for the client.

In our view, bookkeeping is not just some mundane transaction recording.  The outcome is to provide insights into your financials, in order that you make sound decisions, and maintain a high level of employee motivation, customer satisfaction and supplier commitment to power your business forward.

In our view, financial activities are not isolated tasks but should be employed as critical management tools as a continuous and interconnected flow of processes, in synchrony with other management activities and integrated into business rhythm and management processes.

Our principal

Wilson Duong CA MBA is our principal consultant. Wilson is a Chartered Accountant and holds a Master of Business Administration, a Bachelor Degree in Business and a Diploma in Financial Planning.

Wilson brings 30 years experience working with large corporates and small and medium businesses across a broad range of industry.

Wilson is passionate about providing financial acumen and rigour to help clients realise their visions, save tax, build wealth and grow sustainable businesses.

Wilson values ethics, integrity, accountability, openness, growth and collaboration. He is a regular blood donor to the Red Cross and enjoys spending time with his young family.


Save tax. Build wealth. Grow business.

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