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Unleash and thrive with financial clarity and agility

Who we are

Wilson & Assoc Chartered Accountants is a leading chartered accounting firm providing Tax and External CFO services.

We also provide Resident Director services for overseas businesses seeking to expand to Australia.

We support business at all stages, from start-up to expansion, growth to consolidation, diversification to divestment.

We illuminate the roadmap to vision. We provide process and structure to optimise business decisions.  We help businesses build, optimise and thrive with agility and resilience, and manage change with clarity and confidence.

We bring 25 years of experience solving complex problems at large corporates to servicing your business.

We are based in Lidcombe and North Strathfield and service clients in all locations.

Our mission

Our mission is to help you create the financial future you want for your business, yourself and your family.

Our business is to help you build wealth, increase cash and profits, and grow amazing business.

Our brand is built on trust. Our reputation is built on mastery and integrity.

Our values

Our values is in the essence of everything we do. They guide all our conducts and behaviours.

Our core values are integrity, clarity, agility, resilience and growth.

1. Integrity

We hold ourselves accountable to the highest standard of ethics, transparency, accountability, and authenticity.

To our clients, suppliers, bankers and staff, integrity means you are dealing with someone you can can trust and rely on to do the right thing for and by you even when you are not expecting.

2. Clarity

We attain clarity by cultivating objectivity, self-awareness, evidence, independence, critical thinking, empathy, curiosity. humility, and clarity of expression.

To our clients, clarity means seeing potentialities, the ability to visualise opportunities and risks and formulate appropriate response plans, to have certainty of outcome,  and ultimately the decisiveness and confidence to optimally manage change.

3. Agility

We adapt strategies and operations in response to changes in our environments under all conditions.

We achieve agility through client focus,  adaptability, flexibility, expediency, collaboration and innovation.

To our clients, agility means  help prepare for the multiplicity of futures and outcomes, and have a broad response plan for each, while focusing on the most desired and achievable outcome.

4. Resilience

We anticipate and respond to changes in our environments with agility, proactive change management, robust infrastructure, strong leadership, a collaborative and learning culture.

To our clients, we practice and embed resilience in our solutions, such that their business becomes agile and robust, and can thrive under all conditions.

5. Growth

Learning and growth is our philosophy, culture and mindset.  It is embodied in our Do-Learn-Grow model, which we adopt for all our processes and services.

To our clients, our growth mindset means we are constantly growing our body of knowledge and expertise and constantly seeking out new values and savings for our clients.

Code of Conduct

We invite you to view our Code of Conducts to see what our value pillars encompass, and how they are embodied in our d services and enhance values for clients.

Our role

We see ourselves first as clients’ value-creation partner.  We create values for clients by providing clarity of business drivers, revenue potentials, cost dynamics and savings opportunities, by providing predictability of future outcomes, and helping build business agility and resilience.

We apply financial, commercial and strategic acumen.  We apply the best of our experience to optimise decisions and response to all challenges with confidence under all conditions.

Our perspective

Perspective makes all the difference. In all that we do, we start with the end result for the client.

In our view, accounting is not just some mundane back-office function, but the basis of decisions. Its timeliness and accuracy is what makes great decisions, motivates employees, keep customers happy and maintain supplier support to power your business forward.

In our view, finance are not isolated activities but essential management activities and should be integrated into business rhythm and management processes.

Our principal

Wilson Duong CA MBA is our principal consultant. Wilson is a Chartered Accountant and holds a Master of Business Administration, a Bachelor Degree in Business and a Diploma in Financial Planning. He is currently undertaking his Master of Taxation to provide clients an edge.

Wilson brings 30 years experience working with large corporates and small and medium businesses across a broad range of industry.

Wilson is passionate about providing financial clarity and rigour to help clients realise their visions, save tax, build wealth and grow sustainable businesses.

Wilson values ethics, integrity, accountability, openness, growth and collaboration. He is a regular blood donor to the Red Cross and enjoys spending time with his young family.


Unleash with financial clarity, agility and resilience

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