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Are you STP 2-ready?

Single-touch-payroll or STP is monthly online payroll submission directly from payroll software to replace annual manual payroll reporting. Phase 2 requires all businesses to start submitting payroll data by the 31st of March 2023.


How to start.

Xero is rolling out 3 stages to help with the transition for the new Single Touch Payroll requirements.

Stage 1 – Employee records.

This stage requires you to check and update all employee profiles and determine the following.

  • Employee type – if they are an employee or contactor. To help you determine the difference between the two types you can refer to the following article here.
  • Income type – salary/wages, closely held payee, working holiday maker, non-employee, labour hire etc.
  • Employment basis – whether they work full-time, part-time, or casual.
  • Tax scale – whether they are regular, actors/artists/entertainers, horticulturalists/shearers, senior/pensioners.

Stage 2 – Earnings pay items.

In this stage the change now requires you to report the individual components of an employee’s pay rather than a single gross amount. You will need to assign ATO reporting categories to your existing earnings pay items. These categories include:

  • – Ordinary time earnings
  • – Allowances
  • – Bonuses and commissions
  • – Director’s fees
  • – Paid parental leave
  • – Overtime
  • – Lump sum W and E payments
  • – Worker’s compensation.

– Stage 3 – Leave pay items

This final stage requires you to assign leave categories to each leave pay item by breaking them down to sub-categories for which different tax treatments apply. Some leave categories include:

  • – Annual leave
  • – Compassionate and bereavement leave
  • – Long Service leave
  • – Personal leave
  • – Study leave
  • – Community service leave
  • – Jury Duty leave
  • – And many more
  • If you own a xero organisation they have created an information pack that provides a breakdown on how to make these changes. You can access this by selecting Payroll > Single Touch Payroll > Go to STP2 Portal > Click on “Download STP2 Information Pack.

For more information you can also contact our friendly team and we’ll be happy to help.


Source: ATO

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