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Supporting international expansion

Wilson & Assoc Chartered Accountants support international market expansion into China.  Our China expertise culminates from 20 years of combined local financial and operational experience working on the ground in China with Chinese and foreign MNC’s.

We provide management and operational support for Australian and international companies at all stages of business from market entry to growth and expansion.  Our China local representative office is based in Shanghai.  We operate in all major cities including Beijing, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Hangzhou and Chengdu through a strong network of foreign investment and business services.

We can help establish international business presence and build an efficient and well-controlled operation in China. Our China team has deep knowledge in the local market and can provide you with first-hand market intelligence.  We can help you navigate the local legal, financial, cultural and competitive dynamics.  We strive to stay abreast of market and constantly adapts our service and solutions to the latest conditions and trends.

How we can help

We help our clients establish China office, factory or outsourced manufacturing, inventory management sales & distribution channels, logistic network and facilitate strategic relationship management.

Through our established platform and strategic network, our services enable you to conduct most of your business during the start-up stage before establishing a legal entity or even without one.

Supporting market entry

Want to start up in China? Not a problem. Utilise our platform and network to:

  • Host visitors and expats within our shared office space
  • Establish independent sales & distribution channels
  • Import, store, sell, invoice and distribute products to local clients
  • Set up and manage assembly and production operations
  • Execute marketing communication and social media projects to maintain an ongoing presence in the Chinese market
  • Ensure compliance to local laws and regulations

Supporting expansion

On the ground and running? Our services will help take your local entity to the next level:

  • Financial and HR management for local subsidiaries
  • Logistics and supply chain management in China
  • Operational audits to identify and mitigate risks
  • Rapid intervention and transformation processes
  • Comprehensive, multidisciplinary turnaround projects in times of distress

What makes Our China business model so effective?

A gradual investment

Our step-by-step approach empowers you to invest gradually and allows you to postpone the expensive and binding establishment of a subsidiary. A gradual investment assists you in confirming market penetration strategy assumptions, while building your market confidence.

Time to market

Entering the Chinese market on ready-made infrastructure run by China experts makes all the difference from day one.

Accountability and Transparency

We provide full transparency and commit to specific accountabilities for our service performance.  We work with you to establish a set of KPI’s to your business, which directly translates to our service standards where the outcome is under our influence.

We provide operational transparency through regular reporting to your requirements and in  compliance with local regulations and international reporting standards.

We support independent reviews and audits to provide management assurance and ensure investors confidence.

Local knowledge and resources at your command

Success in China depends on confident decision making. Confidence comes from local knowledge and experience. Leverage of ours, as our team works under your instructions to execute your strategies in close collaboration with your team while sharing our local knowledge and experience.

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China Local Representative Office

Alex Xie CPA 谢炜,注册会计师 首席代表 Chief Representative

Alex started his career as a tax consultant with KPMG in Australia, one of the Big 4 international chartered firms.

Alex went on to build a successful international tax career with multiple MNCs in Australia and China. Having garnered more than 15 years of experience, Alex now heads the China Representative Office of Wilson & Assoc Chartered Accountants.

Alex’s expertise includes in M&A, deal structure, tax planning, transfer pricing, international taxation, risk management, and complex tax matters. Alex also has in-house finance experience in accounting, treasury, budget and forecast, compliance, internal control and post-deal integration, with strong exposure in both the Asia-Pacific and the US regions.

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