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Code of Conduct

Ethics and Integrity

Policy Statement

Wilson & Assoc is committed to the highest standards of ethics and integrity in our business conduct and relationships.

This Code ensures we behave in a manner consistent with our values.



This Code of Conduct (the Code) applies to all Wilson & Assoc personnel. Ethical conduct is the responsibility of everyone.


This Code provides a set of guidelines to ensure we act in accordance with our ethical values and professional ethical requirements.

We uphold our ethical standards and consistently demonstrate our values in every interaction and on a continual basis, in order to build deeper and enduring partnerships with clients, suppliers and employees.

In our view, ethical business is sustainable business for the long run.

Our Values

Our values is in the essence of everything we do. They guide all our conducts and behaviours.   We live and work by, and continuously cultivate our values.  Our core values are:

  1. Integrity
  2. Clarity
  3. Agility
  4. Resilience
  5. Growth




We hold ourselves accountable to the highest standard of ethics and integrity, in particular:


We uphold professional standards, adhere to laws and regulations, and fulfil ethical obligations while delivering high-quality service and innovative solutions.

We provide only services we can deliver. We serve only clients that we’re competent to serve, who value our service and uphold an acceptable standard of integrity.

We compete fairly. We do not engage in collusive or restrictive practices.

We play by the rules and do not engaging in bribery and corrupt practices.


We are transparent and upfront with our fees and terms of service. We negotiate respectfully and honour agreements written or verbal, with all parties we deal with.


We are accountable for our commitments and see them through. We work to deadlines and provide regular and timely progress updates. We take ownership and continuously build on our experience.  We show respect preserve dignity in  all interactions with others and amongst our team.


We live and work by our values, whilst being conscious that is what ultimately brings out the best of our services and solutions to our clients.

What it means to our clients

To our clients, suppliers and staff, integrity means we do the right thing for and by them at all times.


We constantly strive for clarity – the ability to see things clearly and accurately as it is, free from bias, emotions or preconceptions.  To develop and maintain clarity, we  strive to cultivate the following qualities:


We rely on verifiable evidence to arrive at fact-based conclusions free from preconceptions.  We strive to remain objective and impartial in our work. We are wary of personal beliefs, opinions, emotions and biases in order to avoid their influence on our conclusion.


We strive to be objective and impartial.  We strive to evaluate information without giving in to personal biases or external pressures, but based on its own merits, to ensure we form independent judgement and evidence-based views.

We use our experience as a check-point for verifying results, rather than to dictate conclusions. Where the outcome is inconsistent with our prior experience, we perform rigorous testing of the data, the methods employed and any causal relationships, even those that might have proven to be true previously.

Critical thinking

We can be guided by intuition and experience, but  test them rigorously against evidence.  We analyse information from their raw data to reveal patterns and linkages and  gain insights of  a situation or problem.


Being able to see things from another person’s perspective can help to gain a deeper insight into the stakeholders’ motivations and fears, which can in turn open up options for solutions and implementation.


We approach every client and problem with curiosity and open-mindedness, and the willingness to explore new ideas and perspectives in order to formulate a holistic and effective view without prejudice or pre-conception.


We are eager for new knowledge and open to questioning the currency of our experience even though it has proven to be right. We allow ourselves to learn and grow. We build robust reviews and cross-checking procedures into our work processes to ensure the highest standards of quality, care and vigilance.

Clear communication

We strive to develop clarity of and maintain alignment between perception, thoughts, speech and action.

What it means to our clients

Clarity allows for fact-based assessment, holistic context, responsive consideration, and as a result optimal and practical response plans.

Clarity allows a balanced perspective and reveals potentialities whilst minimising conjecture and speculation, and the stifling fears and anxieties that come with it.

With clarity of opportunities and risks, we can formulate appropriate response plans.  With clarity of response comes clarity of outcome. Clarity of outcome in turn builds confidence to drive strategies and operations, and navigate change.


We adapt strategies and operations in response to changes in our environments under all conditions. To develop agility, we cultivate:

Value for client

Clients are our first priority and pivotal focus. Value for client drives everything we do. We are on the constant lookout for opportunities and savings for our clients. Our measure of success is bringing greater values to greater number of clients who will benefit greatly from our services, including startups, local and international, and businesses going through challenging transitions.


We are quick to recognise and adapt to changes that are outside our control and influence, such as market conditions, customer needs, and new technologies.


We are nimble and resourceful. We adapt our processes to deliver customised solutions to meet each client’s specific needs.

We anticipate contingencies and respond to external changes quickly and decisively with pre-considered choices. We are open to new directions and new approaches that would render the best outcomes.


We act decisively with urgency, precision and speed, delivering pragmatic solutions, whilst ensuring compliance and minimising risks.


We value collaboration and teamwork, through which we develop joint missions and a close and strong partnership with with  clients and suppliers.  Through collaboration, we gain a deeper understanding of their business and concerns, so we can better serve their needs.


We are always on the look-out for new values and creative solutions for our clients. We continuous innovate our business systems and processes to improve our service quality and efficiency.

We take every challenge as an opportunity to learn and grow. We incorporate a continuous do-learn-grow cycle into all business processes.

What it means to our clients

We are nimble and resourceful.  We have flexible work processes to provide customised solutions to clients’ specific needs.

Our focus and advice are forward-looking to help you move forward and optimise outcomes,  rather than merely reciting history.

In planning, we allow for  multiplicity of scenarios and outcomes, and have a broad response plan for each, while focusing on the most desired and achievable outcome.


We are proactive to anticipate and quick to respond and adapt to incremental changes and sudden disruptions in order to  help our clients thrive under all circumstances, and


We respond to changes with  adaptable and flexible processes while maintaining client focus and ensuring commercial expediency, continuous innovation and close engagement with stakeholders through collaboration. Refer also the Agility section.

Proactive Change Management

We have a proactive approach to risk management, with business recovery and continuity plans for contingency scenarios.

Robust Infrastructure

We have a strong business framework, reliable technology, robust processes, and a strong team culture.

Strong Leadership

We have the benefit of having worked through numerous business transitions of all kinds in large corporates and small businesses.  We have the strong leadership to navigate us through any challenges.

Our team builds trust and loyalty through principled, transparent, communicative, empowering and inclusive team practices.

Collaborative culture

We have a collaborative and supportive culture where our team works together to generate creative solutions and individuality is respected, creativity is encouraged and diversity is celebrated.

Continuous Learning

We are always seeking to learn and grow as an organisation and as individuals.  They are open to new knowledge, ideas and feedback. Our team is committed to continuous professional development.  Refer also to Growth.

What it means to our clients

By applying agile and resilient methodology to our client work, we effectively transfer agility and resilience to the client by building it in our solutions if implemented correctly, such that they become agile and robust, and can thrive under all conditions.





Learning and growth is our continuous improvement philosophy and our culture, our way of doing things.  It has evolved into our Do-Learn-Grow (DLG) principles.

DGL provides an agile framework that is designed to increase responsiveness to changes in the environments.  It enables quick adaptation of strategies and operations as the situation calls for, and stay the course.

Under DLG principles, business cycles consists of a series of continuous and reiterative and incremental cycle of planning, doing, learning, and growing that is embedded in business processes at all levels.

DGL is goal-oriented, forward-looking and evidence-based. Strategies are cascaded to actionable plans. Performance are tracked and analysed to develop insights.  Key lessons from the analytical insights are internalised into incremental strategies and processes.

What it means to our clients

DLG is the working model we apply when designing solutions.  As a result, DLG is embedded in and transferred to clients’ processes.

With correct implementation, a growth mindset,  consistency and constancy of execution, the benefits of DLG will be realised.

Conflict of interest

We do not provide audit service to prevent any circumstances giving rise to a conflict of interest with our tax and CFO services.

Personnel is required to reveal any situation that may present a conflict of interest.  Such personnel will be either removed from the situation or from their engagement.

Breach of Code

Any conduct in breach of the Code should be reported to the Director.  If confirmed, the non-compliant staff may be subject to disciplinary action or dismissal for serious offences.


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