Code of Conducts

Ethics and Integrity

Policy Statement

Wilson & Assoc is committed to the highest standards of ethics and integrity in our business conducts and relationships.

This Code ensures we behave in a manner consistent with our values.



This Code of Conduct (the Code) applies to all Wilson & Assoc personnel. Ethical conduct is the responsibility of everyone.


This Code provides a set of guidelines for our conduct consistent with our values.  A key element of that is compliance with laws regulations. By upholding ethical standards, we maintain our social, professional and business standing in our community.

Our Values

Our values is in the essence of everything we do. They guide all our conducts and behaviours.  Our values are:


Value for client

Value for client is our total focus.  Value for client drives everything we do. We are on the constant lookout for opportunities and savings for our clients.



We will choose to do the right thing not only by ourselves but also our suppliers, clients, employees, shareholders, investors and the community.  We believe that doing the right thing by all stakeholders is critical to long term sustainability and success.



We provide only services we can deliver. We serve only clients that we’re competent to serve, who value our service and uphold an acceptable standard of integrity.

Our ethos is to uphold professional standards, adhering to laws and regulations, and fulfill ethical obligations while delivering high quality, innovative solutions and sustainable values.

We negotiate respectfully and honour agreements written or verbal, with all parties we deal with.

We compete fairly. We do not engage in collusive or restrictive practices.

We play by the rules and do not engaging in bribery and corrupt practices.



We are transparent and upfront with our fees and charges. We deliver on our commitments.



We dream big but work with facts. We are in tune with intuition and take cues from instinct, but we confirm them with data and formulate decisions and choices based on facts and evidence.



Continuous learning is of our way of being.  Our environment is in constant change. We respond with constant learning and adapting, as individuals and as a business. Problems are our gateway to new knowledge.  Challenges are our opportunity to grow.



We believe diversity generates better solutions. Collaboration builds team and trust.  Together we achieve greater things than we would individually.


Empathy & Compassion

We seek first to understand underlying objectives and concerns in all our exchanges, especially where there are differences of opinions and positions.

Our actions demonstrate our care, respect and compassion for all people we interact with, the broader community and the environment.

Compassion is also reflected in our fee-setting practice.  We provide generous concessions to startup clients or clients in financial hardships and retirees.



We treat others with care, courtesy, dignity, fairness, compassion and respect.

We take appropriate measures to protect the safety of our people. We provide a safe working environment free of abusive, violent, threatening or other disruptive behaviour.

We do not tolerate harassment, discrimination, bullying, or disrespectful behaviour.



Our People are our greatest asset. They are at their best when they feel included, valued and connected, irrespective sex, age, color, race and religion.

Everyone deserves to be treated equally with respect and dignity. Their performance evaluation and treatment should be free of bias and prejudice of any kind.

We respect and encourage open dialogue and frank and honest discussions.

Conflict of interest

We do not provide audit service and therefore, do not envisage any circumstances giving rise to a conflict of interest with our tax and advisory services.

Personnel is required to reveal any situation that may present a conflict of interest.  Such personnel will be either removed from the situation or from their engagement.

Breach of Code

Any conduct in breach of the Code should be reported to the Director.  If confirmed, the non-compliant staff may be subject to disciplinary action or dismissal for serious offences.


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