FAQ on Student Loans

1. What are Student and Training Loans in Australia? 

Student and Training Loans are government-provided financial assistance programs designed to help eligible students cover the costs of their higher education or vocational training.

2. What types of loans are available? 

There are several loan programs available, including  

a).Higher Education Loan Program (HELP): Provides financial support for eligible students who are studying at a university or approved higher education providers.  

b). VET Student Loan (VSL): Offers similar support for vocational training. 

c). Student Financial Supplement Scheme (SFSS): Provides additional financial assistance for tertiary students.  

d).Student Start-Up Loan (SSL) and ABSTUDY SSL: Available for students receiving certain allowances. 

e).Trade Support Loans (TSL) program provides financial support to apprentices.


3. Who is eligible for these loans? 

Eligibility criteria vary depending on the loan program. Generally, Australian citizens, permanent humanitarian visa holders, and New Zealand citizens who meet specific residency requirements are eligible for HELP loans. VET Student Loans are available to eligible students undertaking approved vocational education and training courses. 


4. How do I apply for Student and Training Loans?  


To apply for these loans, you need to submit an application through the relevant government website or portal. For HELP loans, you apply through your university or higher education provider, while for VET Student Loans, you apply directly through the approved training provider. 


5. How does the repayment process work?  


Repayment processes for Student and Training Loans are managed through the Australian tax system. Once you earn above the repayment threshold, a percentage of your income will be automatically withheld to repay your loan. The repayment rates vary based on income levels. 


6. Are there any interest charges on these loans?  

Student loans are interest free but are subject to indexation, which adjusts the loan balance annually based on the Consumer Price Index. For some loans such as VET Student Loans, a loan fee may apply and be added to the loan amount. 


7. What is the repayment threshold?

The repayment threshold is the income level at which you are required to start repaying your loan. For the 2021-2022 financial year, the threshold is $46,620 for HELP loans and $49,096 for VET Student Loans. These thresholds are subject to change each year. 

8. Can I make voluntary repayments?  


Yes, you can make voluntary repayments towards your loan at any time. Making voluntary repayments can help you pay off your loan faster and reduce the overall amount you owe. 


9. Can I access the loan programs for part-time or online study?  

Yes, the loan programs are available for part-time study and some online courses, provided they are approved by the relevant authorities and meet the eligibility criteria.


10. What happens if I move overseas after completing my studies?  

If you move overseas and earn above the repayment threshold, you are still required to repay your loan. The repayment obligations apply regardless of your location, and the same repayment rates and thresholds still apply. 
Please treat this as a general info only. For specific details and up-to-date information, we recommend visiting the official websites or consult with the relevant government loan providers.