How it works

From onboarding to billing and renewal

How do get started?

Starting is super easy.  Click Get Started All we need is your full name, TFN, DOB, or your business name and TFN.

We will issue an engagement letter after a follow up discussion to confirm the terms we agree on.

If you run an accounting app, invite us as your advisor.

All the other nuances can be handled as we progress.

What is a package and what is a plan?

We use package to refer to bundled into a usually lower price than would be if the services were purchased separately.  In many case, they go together such as BAS can’t go without annual tax return.

A plan is when you choose to pay by monthly or quarterly instalments.

Ask about our rebate offer for upfront payment.


How do I choose the right package?

You can start with your minimum requirements and add selected services that you believe add incremental value to your business such as R&D Grant or External CFO.

As your business grows, we can explore your options to support your business momentum and help it thrive.

When does my service plan commence?

Your plan will commence on the date you sign your engagement letter.

Your annual fees are not time based and hence does not what time of the year you come onboard.  It is proportionate to the services required.  As an example, if you come onboard with Q1 BAS already lodged, we will offer a credit proportionate with the reduced service.

How am I billed?

You will receive an invoice for all services up to the current tax year, broken down by the agreed instalments.

Where rebate is offered, we normally require upfront payment.

Monthly payments will be handled via Paypal and attract 2.6% Paypal fee.

Can I choose only some of the services from the package and pay less?

Absolutely.  We don’t believe in pushing services that is of no value to you.

On balance, just a caution that a compliance requirement if disregarded may expose you to compliance breach and consequently fines and penalties.

We are always happy to advise on the essential compliance that apply to your business.


What if my service demands change during the year?

Our fees plan are flexible and you can add new services at any time.

If you wish to stop certain service, we will adjust the fees and process a refund if appropriate after deducting for all work in progress that has been performed up to the date of cancellation.

We normally issue a revised engagement letter to reflect the change of scope, terms and fees.

How are the fees charged for the advisory services?

Advisory fees are charged by the day or hour depending on the duration and frequency of the project. The daily rate cost relatively less than the hourly rate.

For daily rate, the minimum billing unit is half a day. Service interval can be monthly, quarterly or once off.

Payment is usually required in advancefor a once-off project and engagements with a rebate offer. For recurring work, the agreed minimum is due at the start of each month.

How much should I expect to spend on ?

We work around your requirements and budget. Planning and performance management are recurring monthly or quarterly activities, where as external CFO service may be more in tune with your business rhythm.

We recommend to start with 1 day per month or per quarter, and increase the days on a need basis.

Can you demonstrate making positive impacts on your clients' businesses?

We invite you to view the our success stories. You will see tangible and specific evidence of our successes in helping our clients improve and grow their businesses.

We are passionate about helping our clients achieve what they want for their business, their family and themselves. We draw from 3 decades of professional, executive and industry experience.

By experience, we conceptualise in big picture with a strategic approach and commercial focus. By professional training we execute in details and discern the most subtle technical differences that may have significant impact on your financial affairs.

What if I don't know Xero?

We can help you set up Xero as best suited for your business, transfer historic data from other softwares, and provide training to help you to be cruising with it in no time.

We trust you, too, will find Xero to be easy and intuitive to use, as have millions of others, which is the reason why it is our accounting platform of choice.

How do I know I can trust you?

Our business is built on trust. Our reputation is built on mastery and integrity. Our service is to look after your financial wellbeing, a great responsibility and privilege, one we take with great honour, humility, and care.

Our values is in the essence of everything we do. They guide all our conducts and behaviours. Our values are:

  • Value for client
  • Ethics
  • Integrity
  • Transparency
  • Evidence
  • Growth
  • Collaboration
  • Empathy
  • Respect
  • Diversity

Our values are codified into a code of conducts to provide guidance and ensure consistency of conducts and behaviours of all staff. We invite you to view our Code of Conduct at this link.

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